Visit Our Osteo Clinics In Bunyip For Best Relief From Your Pain

Osteopathy  was first started in 1874 by doctor named Andrew Yylor after he discovered that  optimal health could be achieved if all the tissues and body cells function in unison. The doctor was able to treat patient’s ailments using his hands and the  patients were able to regain their full health. He named this technique Osteopathy  or as commonly known osteo.

If you live in Bunyip, we offer osteo services near you. Our qualified and highly experienced osteopaths will treat you with traditional osteopathic methods together with  modern medical practices that will restore your movement, ease your pain and  improve your overall body function.

The  primary objective of our osteopathic therapy is to treat the whole person rather
the obvious symptoms. Thus, we will not give you  prescription drugs or tire you with specific exercises, but we will try to identify  the root cause of your pain or your impairment while also looking at how the  causes of the pain affect the whole body. This helps us identify the root cause  of the problem.

We  perform targeted manipulations to reduce your pain, allow you to move or  exercise easily, improve your breathing and allow you to sleep better. We have testimonies of numerous patients in Bunyip who have benefitted through the ostio therapy  offered in our clinics. We have also treated dozen of conditions and injuries.  If you are suffering from any or multiple of these conditions visit us for the best  relief:

· Chronic shoulder, lower back, knee and neck pain

· Migraines and headaches

· Asthma and other respiratory system problems

· Carpal tunnel syndrome

· Menstrual pains or PMS

· Coordination or motor control problems caused by injuries, trauma or

· Digestive problems including acid reflux or constipation

· Kidney disease

· Instability or lack of balance due to problems caused by motor

· Hypertension and cardiovascular problems.

Our drug free noninvasive manual therapy will improve your health as it strengthens and manipulates the musculosketal framework. The physicians will focus on your joints, spine and muscle to give you relief in your circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems.

Our osteopathic physicians are also well qualified as medical doctors and they have advanced training in other therapies including naturopaths. The number of treatment we offer to you will depend on your condition, how severe your symptoms are and how long you have had the condition. If you live in Bunyip, visit any of our osteo clinics near you and rest assured that you will be in safe hands.

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